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The EPIC Framework

The Framework for an EPIC Life for an EPIC Society!

Below you will find the foundation of the EPIC Framework.  This is a high level overview that will be detailed in the soon to be released book.

The EPIC Framework: About Me

The EPIC Framework


What does it mean to have Excellence?  It means having a standard for your life that is above average and mediocre.  It means having the courage to not follow the crowd but draw lines, boundaries and be uncompromising in the pursuit of being EPIC!  It means not settling for less than you are capable of and giving it your best towards achieving your goals! 

How to have Excellence and demonstrate it?  Possess and practice the following qualities in your life:

  1. Gratitude – Start everyday with gratitude and practice the glass half full attitude.  Watch how the law of attraction works with this attitude.

  2. Self Discipline – Health, Fitness, Speech, Balance – Optimize your mind, body and spirit.  Let your words build up, not and speak with actions.

  3. Positive Mindset – Feed your mind healthy doses of positivity regularly!  Remember, garbage in, garbage within and out. Mental Toughness.

  4. Respect – Respect is the universal currency.  Give everyone the same respect you would expect for yourself!

  5. Character – Integrity, Honor, Doing the Right Thing

  6. Grace – leave room for grace.  Remember forgiveness is for past offenses, not future consideration


What does it mean to have Purpose?  It means to have a Vision for your life.  According to Mark Twain, the 2 greatest days in a person’s life is the day they were born and they day they find out why.  I can agree with that.  A person with a strong enough why won’t have to worry so much about the how.  People can get wrapped around this concept about purpose so to make it simple, I will tell you that I know we all have a foundational purpose in life.  Everyone’s purpose is to develop themselves to their potential.  We must become our best mentally, physically and spiritually.  To achieve that you have to have a healthy dose of self-esteem.  Believe in yourself!  No one else can do that for you.  You can believe in someone else’s belief in you but that is not sincere.  At some point you have to look in the mirror and see yourself as a lion!

There is the question of goals vs purpose.  Are they different?  Yes and no.  A goal can be a purpose and your goals can change.  Take the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger who exemplifies what it is to be a transformational guru and achiever.  At one point in his life he wanted to become Mr. Olympia which he did several times, then a huge action star, a successful businessman and then Governor of California.  He had several goals throughout his life and he’s probable not done yet.  Each one of those could have been his purpose for that time.  I hope that makes sense to you.

How does a person find the specific life purpose?  Ask the following questions and be as honest with yourself as you are now and compare to how you would have answered when you were 10 years old:

  1. What are you drawn too?  What are the things that tug at your heart and mind?

  2. What are you naturally good at?  We all have talents and things that we are naturally good at.  Some people are good at remembering, numbers, spelling, running, singing, serving others…etc, you get the idea.  Find out what is yours. 

  3. If money was not a factor what would you be doing?

When you answer these questions from the perspective of your 10 year old self and current self, the answers will help lead you to your purpose. 


Let him that would move the world first move himself - Socrates

Be the example!  Be someone that inspires others to become their best.  How to start doing that?

  1. Let your actions match your words.  People immediately have respect for someone that consistently does what they say.  Too many social media evangelists speak with empty words that lack the follow through action.  This results in a loss of respect and credibility.  When you adopt the EPIC Framework for your life, your life should match the call to Excellence which is a cornerstone of the Framework.

  2. You should also be a person who lives an inspired life.  By that I mean you should be attuned to the source of all things in order to be plugged into Infinite Intelligence, The Creator of all things, from which all inspiration comes.  Set time aside each day in order to practice stillness, introspection, mindfulness, meditation…basically the inner work.  As said by Carl Jung, “Who who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.”

  3. Exemplify the 3 Foundational Elements –

    1. Trustworthy

    2. Reliable\Dependable

    3. Loyal


We should all find a way to contribute to society.  It is within us to grow, expand and it is one of the 6 human needs.

It is also one of the best ways to develop self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth…etc. 

How can you be a contributor?  Here are just a few ideas.

  1. Find a purpose, cause or create your own mission to help others who are less fortunate than yourself. 

  2. Give to others who can absolutely do nothing for you in return.

  3. Seek ways to give of your time if you don’t have financial resources.  Perhaps volunteering at a homeless shelter or local ministry that supports those causes.

  4. You don’t have to save the world or impact a vast multitude.  Start with just one or those within your immediate sphere of influence.

  5. Become a youth mentor.

Another way to be a contributor is to become a creator instead of just being a consumer. 

Don’t be surprised if you start experiencing flashes of genius or get a download of ideas that can add value to yourself and others.  Being a creator requires active participation in the growth of your idea instead of the passive act of mindlessly consuming entertainment and media. 

You will need to drastically reduce the time spent wasted on these sources order to commit to the time needed to be a creator. 

Write a book based on your own personal struggles and how you overcame them.  There are many looking for inspiration from people that they can relate to.  The world needs you.

I remember Arnold Schwarzenegger telling me that when he was growing up, they did not have all the distractions that we have today.  There are many competing distractions for your time.  Focus your valuable time on being that creator and contribute to the world.  It’s no surprise that the wealthiest and most successful people in the world are creators.

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