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What is The EPIC Society?

Choose to be EPIC!

As a life mentor and coach focusing in mindset, body, fitness and health, I created the movement that is The EPIC Society that inspires individual to become their best and live to their potential.  It is built on the principles of The EPIC Framework which promotes individuals to adopt a lifestyle of Excellence, Purpose, Inspiration and Contribution.   The EPIC Framework applies to how we interact with each other, our environment and ourselves.  

The following is the heart of The EPIC Framework from which The EPIC Society is born.

Epic - definition
A long film, book, or other work portraying heroic deeds and adventures or covering an extended period of time. n
Heroic or grand in scale or character. Extraordinary. adj

Excellence Purpose Inspiration Contribution

Your Statement
I am EPIC! I am committed to developing my mind, body and spirit to their highest potential! I am determined to have a standard of Excellence for my life and choose not to be content with mediocrity, average or living a life not worthy of me. I choose to have an unwavering belief in myself and not see myself as a victim or lean on excuses because I take responsibility for my life. I choose to live with Purpose and not drift through life, having a clear vision of where I want to go and who I choose to be. I choose to see opportunities through the obstacles. I choose to be more than just a consumer therefore I align myself with the creative power the Creator and be a person of Inspiration who easily earns the trust of others because of my light. I am a person who sees the gold and Light in others and adds value to them through the Contribution of my gifts and talents. I choose to be a river, not a reservoir.

I am far from perfect and beautifully flawed. Though I have made and will continue to make mistakes, I will choose to learn from them in order to grow to my potential. I will fall many times but I will get back up! I refuse to quit and choose to give everything I am capable of in order to become my best self!  By adopting this Framework I am choosing to become the Hero of my own story and be extraordinary!

I choose to be EPIC!

All contributions are used to support the efforts of expanding environmental  consciousness,raising the awareness of the impacts of single use plastics and supporting the homeless community.  Thank you!

The EPIC Society: About Me
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The EPIC Framework

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The EPIC Society: Welcome
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